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Like any family, we have our own ways of doing things that keep life nice. If you have any questions about the rules, please do email us at The Tesserae Club Etiquette applies to both Members and their guests.

Courtesy costs nothing but buys everything

• Tesserae is for the good times. Political views, competitive dog-grooming advice and divisive nonsense are to be left at the door. 

• Mutual respect is the name of the game between members, guests, visitors, staff and even the Club itself. Please call ahead if you’re running late, don’t be rude to anyone and generally show up as your best self. 

• Tesserae is a private club. We keep our noise to ourselves. We have a curfew on the terrace, we avoid waking the neighbors, we keep our phone conversations discreet and we absolutely and utterly never indulge in unsolicited karaoke. 

• A happy life is a private life. We are mindful of one another’s privacy. Guests of Tesserae don’t approach/disturb or yell at members without approval. And no photos or videos are taken without explicit consent.

The rules of engagement

• Laptops disappear at 4 pm. 

• No outside food or drink comes in. Ours tastes infinitely better. 

• No children, valuables, suitcases or bicycles are left in the cloakroom. 

• Photos can be taken in designated areas. Please ask a staff member for assistance. 

• Children (Under 21) are welcome until 8pm Sun - Wed. They must be attended at all times. 

• Smoking and illegal substances don’t happen here. 

• Neither do people under 21 after 8pm. 

• Or pets. 

• And definitely no underage illegal pets that smoke. 

• Corkage is available on bottles we don’t carry.

Dressing the part (4pm onward)

Tesserae operates a smart dress code that upholds the spirit of the club. Please ensure your guests are dressed appropriately for the occasion as those who fail to comply may be refused entry. If you have to question it, you probably shouldn't wear it. But go ahead, give us a call, we are happy to give you a YAY or a NAY.


Show up as your best self

Not Permitted

Dirty sports shoes or trainers

Flip flops

Overly revealing attire

And please do not come from the gym